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    Building a rain system?? Here is what i did for mine...
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    light question for my new Veild

    The Arcadia lights are new to me, are they something that are sold usually locally or online only?
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    light question for my new Veild

    Hey guys, i use to have a few panthers a few years ago and now getting back into it with a Veild that is about 8 months old from a friend and wanted to know what light fixture and lights would be recommended for him. He will be in a 2x2x4 cage. I have been reading a lot of posts on the subject...
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    Diy misting system

    If you click on my profile i did a write up on it like two years ago. Im planning on building a system very similar to it in the next month or so and ill document it as well. It worked for how i like to keep everything. The gutter drain...i basically drilled a line of holes down the middle...
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    Diy misting system

    I made a my own Rain System using a pond pump and mister lines with tac holes in it. For me it worked the best. Made the most natural rain I have seen. You can see a Video on youtube. It maybe cost me 50 or 60 bucks to do everything.
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    Anyone ever been to Madagascar? Pics?

    Has anyone ever been to Madagascar? And if so do you have any pics of wild chameleons from your trip? It would be interesting to see a pic thread on wild chameleons.
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    Wanting to make my own raindome

    go to youtube and type in...panther chameleon rain system. that was my old set up and it worked great and was super cheap. i got the pump from harbor freight.
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    stupid question about huge cage and more then one cham...

    I have a few friends who have done that and have had plenty of success with it. I think like pssh wrote if you have plenty of cover and enough basking and feeding spots for each chameleon you should do fine... but they are very stressful animals so the more stress you have with them, and more...
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    My own rain system

    I have two 5 gallon buckets one for fresh water and one for waste water. I fill the fresh water about once a week. And empty the waist water once a week also.
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    vid of my reptibreeze mod with my cham going in

    That's a awesome looking chameleon and cage setup
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    My own rain system

    i very rarely spray anymore, i just turn the rain on four times a day for a few mins, keeps my humidity up in the 60% area and they get plenty of water to drink. they hate being sprayed anyways.
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    My own rain system

    Thanks guys for the comments...I have used this now for about a month and its working great. Haven't had one problem. My chameleons drink like crazy. Every time it starts raining they go to their favorite spot and drink up. They also love the movement from the big water drips hitting the plant...
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    Keemo & beman

    your guys are looking good brother....
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    vitamin question

    his eyes and mouth are always gunked up and very lazy. never really moves... i think thats what is going on. im not sure what he is using now
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    vitamin question

    ok can you give a panther vitamin A with d3 thats for humans? in powder form, might be a stupid question not sure lol. my friend thinks his panther has a vitamin A problem... so thought id ask....
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