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    Ankaramy Hatchling :)

    Very nice catch with the photo Catherine :). I'll keep my fingers crossed for your little babe and I'm thrilled we both have them hatching at the same time. Woohoo!
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    Bradypodium Uthmoelleri Picture

    Very cute Catherine! You were right... they are tiny! I look forward to seeing and hearing about their progress :).
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    What to call F. pardalis morphs

    Slash and burn. Okay. This will be my last post on this thread as I see it not really going anywhere. You are trying to change terminology that has been used for years in the panther chameleon community and I don’t think there have been all that many disappointed people in the industry when...
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    What to call F. pardalis morphs

    I admire the efforts to try to “refine” the labeling system as we now have it with panther chameleons. Although I can see your reasons behind trying to change the system, I fear that any effort you will have taken will be in vain. The labeling system we now have I believe is the best system...
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    I need advice

    If you are purchasing a veiled or panther chameleon, you can take a look on my care & equipment page for the necessary items you will need for a proper setup. Other species may require different temperatures, etc., so if you are purchasing...
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    New Crested Geckos

    Oh, I just saw this thread! Your cage looks great and yeah, they do just fine in screen cages as well as glass. I have some in both screen & glass terrariums. I just love the geckos. I have cresties and leopard geckos now, in addition to my panthers. They always look like they are smiling...
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    What to call F. pardalis morphs

    Wow - I stand corrected. I should have looked up the definition in the dictionary. I always believed since my Biology courses that hybrids were crossing specific species. I learned something today! :)
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    What to call F. pardalis morphs

    Perhaps my phrase "as nature intended" is mis-leading. What the phrase is meant to say is that in nature, there are certain areas that have specific color phenotypes like my example of the Ankaramy. By breeding the pink Ankaramy to pink Ankaramy, we are keeping those colorations as close to...
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    What to call F. pardalis morphs

    Jewel - I really like your advocating trying to keep various species pure from blending species and/or sub-species of chameleons. It's too bad what has happened with the veileds through time. There is a difference where panther chameleons are concerned when comparing the veiled hybrids. Necas...
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    What to call F. pardalis morphs

    Okay, let’s talk about the selling aspects of “locales” and how they are represented. I have kept quiet about this way too long and the reason I have is because I wasn’t about to get into a heated debate of whether a panther is this locale or that. It’s just not my nature to be argumentative...
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    What to call F. pardalis morphs

    I'd like to spend some time and say more about this subject, but I am on my way out... I have watched the forum periodically and have seen the occurrences of events in the last 24 hours regarding locales. I myself, have always been a known advocate of not mixing locales as a breeder of panther...
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    Pink Urates...Help!!

    A pinkish/peach/orange coloration to the urates (white part of the fecal) is a sign of dehydration. When a chameleon is well hydrated their urate should be white. Make sure she is getting plenty of water. I second Pam's suggestion on giving her a warm shower - this will give her an...
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    Herp Database Software

    Another herp software database out there besides Metzcal is I have not used it, but it might be worth giving a try if some are finding Metzcal difficult to use. I like Metzcal because it has a lot more detailed information, even gene tracking in...
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    Rescued a Chameleon Last Night...

    If he turns ashen white inside the cage and then turns green outside of the cage, it could be too hot inside the glass cage you have him in. Watch carefully the temperatures as there will be very little ventilation if any at all in a glass enclosure. If the bottom of the glass enclosure is...
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    My poor burnt cham!! Please help!

    Depending on how severe the burn is, you may need veterinary assistance. Burns can be very serious, lead to infection, and sepsis if not treated properly and you may need antibiotics to heal any infections that may be induced by the burns. Burns in chameleons heal VERY slowly as their skin is...
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