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    My Chameleon trying to be a T-rex!

    Whole Cage The cage usually has three plants in it, however, two are being nursed back to health after a nasty spider mite attack. That is his favorite spot in the cage during the day, and he loves coming out...if I open the cage he climbs onto me, although I think he is generally looking...
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    My Chameleon trying to be a T-rex!

    Sorry for the huge pic Sorry about the huge pic! I forgot to downsize it! Anyways, he is from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Sadly I don't quite remember who his daddy is, I think it is either Nemesis or Blaze. Monika is an awesome Chameleon breeder though!
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    My Chameleon trying to be a T-rex!

    I have had Chimichanga since April, and I have't really posted many updates, but I just had to post this image of him!
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    are chameleons "dumb" ?

    frogs i like to think of it as being similar to putting a frog in boiling water. A frog will try to escape boiling water because the temperature change is immediate. If you place a frog in room temp water and then gradually boil it the frog will not notice and will die without freaking out...
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    silk worms/access to mulberry trees...

    silkworms i gave my first batch of silkworms carrot shavings and they munched them all down in no time!
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    Your Oldest Chameleon?

    3 month old BB Ambilobe I am currently experiencing my first time owning a chameleon. His name is Chimichunga. He is very shy and doesnt really enjoy bein handled but does allow me to get right up to him without him panicking. Have had hime almost 2 weeks. His eating habits are a little spotty...
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    Amilobe Temperatures

    Good day! I have my new 3 month Ambilobe (Chimichanga). He so far seems to be happy with his enclosure, however, I am concerned over his temperatures have me a little concerned. The night time temperatures I have been able to reduce to 70F. His daytime tempratures are hitting 80F. The...
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    New Ambilobe - Feeding Questions

    drinking just saw him drinking some water off a leaf too! so cute!
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    New Ambilobe - Feeding Questions

    stuff in the up there is a carrot in the cup which seems to keep the crickets in the cup egen though it is so shallow. there is a rock (which in the picture has several crickets sitting on it). the rock was to keep the cup from moving around too muh but i removed it so the crickets would be...
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    New Ambilobe - Feeding Questions

    saw him eat!! i did see him eat just now...he just doesnt seem to like eating if he can see me. i checked the cup and there seems to be several gone already and i cant see any free roaming so he must have got em!
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    New Ambilobe - Feeding Questions

    Happy weekend! I just got my first Chameleon and have some general feeding questions. I know he is probably stressed from moving into a new home, but I wanted to make sure he is eating as well! For today I have some crickets (littles ones) and haven't noticed him eat any yet. He seems...
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    The worst case of MBD I have ever seen (video)

    so sad tha is so upsetting. i really hope all goes well. that reminds me of a turtle i got from an aquantence that had been kept in only kept it in an aquarium full of water in their basement for 3 years with no basking light and no UVB...they barely even fed it! i had to watch its shell...
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    Custom Enclosure - Decor (Part 3)

    Ambilobe Panther I will be getting an Ambilobe Panther Male. I think that might be an easier option to get some fake vines for now until the live plants fill in a bit more.
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    Custom Enclosure - Decor (Part 3)

    Its been a work in progress for a couple of weeks, there are a couple of threads pertaining to it :) I can't wait to get my Chameleon!!!
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