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    Outside enclosure temps???

    Thank you for your answer, I have him in the shade right now and am keeping an eye on him, he just loves being outside!
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    Outside enclosure temps???

    Ok I have a quick question. I have an ambilobe panther and he loves being outside. I had him outside this morning and he really got mad when I had to bring him in. So onto the question. Today it is going to reach 90 degrees outside, is that too hot to leave him outside for a couple of hours...
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    Misting Nozzles

    Can anywhere tell me where I can get some misting nozzles? Right now I have some plastic ones, but they clog very easy and would like to get some brass ones. I live near cleveland ohio and was wondering if anyone knew of anyplace local I might be able to get them.
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    Pinhead crickets needed badly

    I need some help here. I just had 11 baby jackson chameleons and am in desperate need of pinhead crickets. Is there anyone near the elyria/cleveland ohio area that I would be able to get some pinheads from this evening? I would really really appreciate it! Thanks!
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    What's your favorite cleaning solution?

    I have been using windex to do a quick clean on the cages for over 3 years and haven't had a problem, and once a year I will totally tear down the cages and use a bleach and water combo.
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    Wich is better?

    Definitely want to go with a misting system rather than fogger. A fogger needs stagnant water to produce the fog and that will produce bacteria in your enclosure that you don't want. Also with the mister you can control when it comes on and how long it comes on for, which is a major plus. I...
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    Supplement schedule for 4 mo old ambilobe

    First of welcome to the world of chams!!!! Secondly, this is all my opinion and the success I have had with my chams, many may disagree with me, but this has worked for me. I would move him away from the window, it is of no benefit, it will probably overheat him if anything. As far as...
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    Female Veiled going nuts

    Brad, She is not at the bottom of her cage looking for a place to dig, she is crawling all over the door and ceiling of her enclosure. Her enclosure is approx. 4' tall by 2' wide and 2' deep. Her temps have been the same since summer at 75 at the bottom with a basking spot around 88. The...
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    Female Veiled going nuts

    I have a female veiled chameleon who is about 9-10 months old. I know everyone recommends waiting til females are at least 1 year of age to mate, but here is my question. She is going crazy in her cage the last couple of weeks, she can't sit still and is just all over the cage. She used to be...
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    Enclosure build questions

    just a little of my 2 cents here. First off I want to say that the viv looks great so far. I have built my own enclosures before and while they are more expensive than buying a premade cage I prefer to build myself. One pointer I wanted to give was that I used poly for all of mine. Teak oil...
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    Chameleons of Madagascar DVD

    I have the dvd and I think it is really good. It is great for an educational dvd about chams in the wild.
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    Adult Female Jacksons

    I may be interested in them, how much for both shipped to ohio?
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    Adult Female Jacksons

    I may be interested in them how much for the 2 of them shipped to ohio?
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    C.calyptratus maximum gestation time

    imho I don't think she looks gravid, I think she is well fed and looks very healthy but from what I have seen she is not big enough to be gravid.
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    Holding my cham

    I currently have 3 veileds and they are all grumpy when i first try to get them out of their cage.* I do not handle them regularily and only take them out when I need too.* But I do know that everytime I try to hold them to get them out they are very aggressive at first.* I usually wear a pair...
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