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Discussion in 'Enclosures And Supplies' started by mcghee26, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. mcghee26

    mcghee26 New Member

    Can anywhere tell me where I can get some misting nozzles? Right now I have some plastic ones, but they clog very easy and would like to get some brass ones. I live near cleveland ohio and was wondering if anyone knew of anyplace local I might be able to get them.
  2. laurie

    laurie Retired Moderator

    My husband bought some on line from www.McMaster.com online but they are NOT cheap.
  3. summoner12

    summoner12 Avid Member

    Brass and plastic will clogg just the same. It is the minerals in the water causing the issue, generally. Using an RO system will eliminate and even clean out the mineral build up on your nozzles. I use this AquaZamp RO/Mist Control all in one unit. It can even be programmed and controlled from anywhere via the web.


    and if you just want the RO, this is a AquaZamp ZeroWaste RO system I installed in a coworkers home:

  4. fluxlizard

    fluxlizard New Member

    to clean nozzles, I usually take them off and hit them with the spray nozzle on my hoze for a few seconds, inside and outside.

    I believe you can also soak in vinegar overnight (someone correct me if I am wrong- I am lazy and just blast them clean with the hose a few times and they work again).

    Wow- that is a beautiful system summoner. Need you to come to my place and hook me up!
  5. summoner12

    summoner12 Avid Member

    CLR works to clean off the build up... Like I said RO will also clean up clogged nozzles if anyone decides to convert, don't throw away the old nozzles :eek:.

    Flux, shoot me an email, I can hook you up no prob!

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