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    Zeus fired up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( pic heavy)

    Are you sure he is not just overheated? Looks he's gaping and his colors are really washed out.
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    Pro Mist PM50

    This is still available if anyone is interested. I am looking for 70 plus shipping but I will consider other offers. Just let me know.
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    Pro Mist PM50

    I have a used promist pm50 for sale. I have the pump, hoses, and connections. The only thing is the nozzle I have is clogged, so you would need to buy a new nozzle, which is around ten dollars. Everything still works great. PM me with offers. I can also send pics if anyone is interested...
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    My little guy trying to look sexy :)

    He looks very good and healthy. He has very interesting coloration, he has a lot of orange/pink like a female, but blue and green coming in as well.
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    New Ambilobe Panther Pics

    he was only 175. Thanks for all the comment guys.
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    New Ambilobe Panther Pics

    Sure, he is from a local guy here in st. louis. I don't have a pic of his sire, but the sire was sired by screameleon's brendan.
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    New Ambilobe Panther Pics

    This is my nine month old ambilobe panther. I've never posted pics of him before so here he is. Let me know how he looks. Thanks.
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    Cricketfood Gutload Question

    So, its recommended for crickets, but not so much for roaches. Does anyone use it successfully with their roaches? Or has anyone tried the company's roach food?
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    Cricketfood Gutload Question

    Does anyone use these products? I was looking at the roach gutload there. I am trying to choose between that or the premium cricket gutload, and was wondering if the roaches would eat the premium cricket gutload. I feed crickets and roaches and was hoping the roaches would eat the cricket...
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    Help Me Please!!!!!!!!

    It looks like a house gecko to me...but i could be wrong
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    Quantity to feed (Dubias) to 6 month old Veiled(s)?

    i just got a colony of dubias and i tried to feed my cham one and he ignored it, which sucks because i was hoping to use them alot. Is there anything i can do to get him to eat them? I fed him a male adult, if that matters.
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    Pro-mist questions

    Ok, thanks for the help. Do you mind if i ask where you got your timer and how much it was? Also, why did you think that mounting the nozzle on top would cause more leakage?
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    Ugly Cham Contest? not serious, really

    haha, you are welcome. i like that name too
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    Pro-mist questions

    oh, and how do the washers connect together?
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