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    Jackson's Chameleons in Morro Bay?

    Anyone know of a reliable observation of a Jackson's in Morro Bay since 2014?
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    Translucent Veiled Chameleons

    These little ones are now 7 weeks old and doing great! Price lowered to $79 each or 5 for $379, plus shipping-
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    Translucent Veiled Chameleons

    Hatchling translucent veileds- 5 weeks old, well started on fruit flies and small crickets- $99 each or 5 for $449, plus shipping. Can arrange local pick up in Las Vegas, NV or will ship via SYR Monday-Wednesday-
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    Chameleon Mortality in First Year after Acquisition

    Facinating article and subsequent discussion! 2 quick points: 1) I believe part of the passion behind this is the mis-understanding of the mortality statistic. Take a 25-year life expancy animal like a bearded dragon or Python. Assuming the population being studied has all age classes randomly...
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    Longevity of Panther Chameleons - who has the oldest living Panther?

    The northern part of Madagascar sits at 12-15 degrees south latitude; even the extreme southern end of the island is about 25 degrees south, about equivalent distance to the equator as the Florida keys; I don't think the winters there can be called long or cold.....
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    Puffs up when in natural sun

    What species of chameleon do you have? What part of the county are you in? What are the outdoor temps when you put your Cham outside?
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    Panther x Oustalet's hatching...

    Fascinating experiment Sam! I've bred Ousties a few times and find them particularly interesting. Just wondering, do you intend to continue the experiment by crossing two F1's together? Perhaps also back crossing a male F1 to the mother and a female F1 to the father? Those could provide valuable...
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    Lighting in Las Vegas

    A panther is going to need a asking spot in the 90's. I keep my chams (Veileds and Oustalet's) outdoors here about 9 months a year...they are inside for 2-3 months of winter, and a couple of the hottest weeks of summer-
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    New Chameleon Owner

    Okiman, Based on your photos I'd say your male Veiled is a little bit older, perhaps 6-9 months. At that age I use a little bit warmer basking spot 95-100F, with the rest of the cage 80F or below. Veileds are from an extremely hot and arid climate and tend to like it warmer than montane or...
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    Veiled chameleon outdoors, year round

    Janice and ginpiston- this post is 4 years old, if you want to contact jakedn, I recommend you start a new post, or send him a PM. I keep my chams- Veileds and Oustalet's- outside most of the year here in Vegas, and they do extremely well, no artificial lighting required when outdoors-
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    How Long Can Neonates Stay in Incubator?

    I once went to Europe with 33 veiled eggs in the incubator. I returned 2 weeks later and over half of them had hatched...I'm sure some of them had been there 4-5 days, I had no issues with any of them, they were all healthy and did well...
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    How does temp effect eggs?

    Temperature-dependent sex determination applies to crocodilians and to many turtle species. To my knowledge it hasn't been observed in lizards, including chameleons. Your panther egg's gender was determined at fertilization-
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    USFWS restrictions on snakes should worry us all

    Thanks for the information and clarification. So based on your experience I have a hypothetical question- if an outside group petitioned USFWS to list feral cat colonies as injurious, and provided sound scientific evidence (not anecdotal stories) of their adverse impact on native wildlife, then...
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    USFWS restrictions on snakes should worry us all

    Not to get political either, but there was no ban John, and under the Lacey Act USFWS is limited in what they can do- all they did was restrict importation and transportation across state lines. Within each state the respective legislature or local municipalities make the rules. And FWS could...
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    USFWS restrictions on snakes should worry us all

    The USFWS asked for public comments on the "constrictor rule" over a year ago. When the comment period closed a few weeks ago, they had received only 2500 public comments, and that likely included both pro and con opinions. I don't know how many boa/Python/anaconda owners there are in the U.S...
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