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    RIP Beatrix

    Heather I am sorry to hear about Beatrix :(
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    Camille is three years old today

    She sure does look nice, hope she had a good birthday!
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    2010 Heart Award

    Congrats Lynda! I am glad to see you got the heart. :D Not just this year but every year you offer people good advice and do your best to help them and advocate for their chameleons. Thank you for everything you do.
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    My Little Family

    Everyone looks nice. Hey Mom, wheres my picture at :p
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    Happy Birthday lbesok!

    Thanks everyone for your sweet birthday wishes. I am at a seminar today for school on stuttering, and came home for lunch to feed all the chams "birthday" butter worms :D
  6. Mufasa Enjoying The Outside

    Mufasa Enjoying The Outside

    Mufasa taking in some rays.
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    Stanley.. at it again...

    He looks really great. A lot like Luie:D!
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    Happy Birthday BridGoFaith!

    Happy Birthday Heather! Great cake, so awesome ;)
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    Dulce's (my Cuban Knight Anole) New Home

    Looks really nice. I like it!
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    Dulce laid another egg and then she ate it

    Looks like she could have laid that egg while you weren't home and you would have never known!
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    My sweet little girl Camille

    Must have taken those pics yesterday after I left? She is beautiful with all those vibrant colors! She looks good.
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    Eye Problems

    The chameleon eye is oftentimes a window to the inside. I would fill out the how to ask for help form: Many times when I see eye puffing and bulging with mine they just need extra vitamins. Have you been dusting with a multi-vitamin that...
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    Panthers & veg

    Heather, that is sooo cute! I may give grapes a try but I have heard it will clear them out ;)
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    Panthers & veg

    I think it is an interesting to discover that several panthers demonstrate these characteristics.
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    Pic's of yourself with your cham

    Todd, you and Philip do look nice, he is HUGE! Livin in CA will make you a "captain" alright :D Here is my favorite WC bud Vega. I got him from my boyfriend over 5 years ago for valentines day and he is STILL MY love! "You've got to get a little bit older now. A little older now, you've...
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