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    My new Melleri

    Aww hes so cute!! I love that he smiles. :D
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    UPDATE: what gender is my chameleon :)

    She's a pretty female :)
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    Freeze dried

    I love the pic. Lol
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    Freeze dried

    I wouldn't feed my Cham dead insects or pinkies. The post was just for out of curiosity. Thank you for your information. :D
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    Freeze dried

    Ok random question. When you go to the pet store you see those little containers of freeze dried crickets and other insects. Will a Cham eat it? would it even be beneficial for a Cham if it did? Also I was told once that a Cham will eat pinkies. I believed the person to be fos, but has anyone...
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    Waldo - Catching a few Rays

    Got to love those Texas skies. Nice pic.
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    Cham hates crickets

    My little guy wont eat crickets. When I got him that was all he was ever fed. So I was like well lets feed him something new like super worms. I did that for a couple of months and then I tried to get him back on crickets. He wouldn't eat them. I gave him a couple of days with just crickets in...
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    What color is health for stool?

    Why dont you spray him directly?
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    2x4 screen enclosure

    When I bought Leroy a big cage he did the same thing. Just stayed up in the top corner and never moved. But now he goes all over that cage. Climbs the walls and everything. It just takes some time for them to get use to their new home.
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    Is he(if it is a he?) Healthy?

    When I started taking care of Leroy he also had an eye issue. He would keep his left eye closed for long periods of time. The previous owner never gave him supplements EVER. Once I started feeding him right and giving him the supplements he needed his eye started to open back up. I read that vit...
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    cross breeding

    ok. That is what I was thinking. The reason for the question is my friend Savanna knows somone with a veiled female and wants to stud my little panther cham out. lol No matter what I was going to tell her no. I was just curious if anyone has ever done it. Thanks.
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    cross breeding

    Is it possible to cross breed a panther cham with a veiled cham?
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    Leroy is shedding!!!!

    I think that will be the most difficult part about this. lol I just want to peel all the skin off lol. It seems that he is only shedding in certain areas is that normal?
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    Leroy is shedding!!!!

    When I started taking care of him he hated misting, but he has been becomming more open to the idea of it.
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    Leroy is shedding!!!!

    Leroy my chameleon started shedding today. He is about two years old. I have only owned him for about two to three months. Is there anything I need to do to help him through this process?
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