cross breeding

Not this again.:rolleyes::p

NOT AT ALL! lol. I'm sure everyone has wondered this at one time. But there are completely different species, and there would be no possible way to cross breed and have an outcome of baby Panther/Veileds. Photoshop? maybe..
ok. That is what I was thinking. The reason for the question is my friend Savanna knows somone with a veiled female and wants to stud my little panther cham out. lol No matter what I was going to tell her no. I was just curious if anyone has ever done it. Thanks.
With panthers and veilds they are too genetically different, it is possible with some species (panther-oustie, oustie-verru, calyptratus-arabicus, etc) but not panthers and veilds, they are from two different genus meaning they are very different genetically.
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