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    My Veiled has issues

    mainly with me:)
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    Romeo's offspring pic-a-thon!!! Post your baby!

    Cacahuete back in the sun again Got out for some sun today, cage an all. I have not posted in a while but he is doing fine and has been healthy.
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    Happy Hatch Day Romeo Babies!!!!!!!!!!!

    A little late to the party but here is a photo of Cacahuete 2/16 A little late to the party but here is a photo of Cacahuete 2/16
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    Romeo's offspring pic-a-thon!!! Post your baby!

    Cacahuete I cnat believe how much Hannibal has changed its almost like a different chameleon. My guy Cacahuete is pretty much the same as when he first started to color up but he is great fun to have around.
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    Darth Bane has arrived!!!

    That is so awesome, you will love working with him and watching him grow. I got my panther a year ago and can barely remember when he was so tiny.
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    Too Close?

    My Chameleon is also very close to a Betta fish tank and he seems very interested in fishing!
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    Colors that stress chams out

    My panther hates my new wool hat black and orange stripes, he trise to around the other side of whatever he is on when I come near. I keep forgetting to take the darn hat off! My veiled does not seem to react to colors but I have a sheet across the front of his enclosure and he generally recoils...
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    How much do they trust you?

    I have a Veiled and a Panther both are around the 1 year old mark. My Veiled is trusting and knows the only way out of the cage is onto the hand. In the sunny warm weather there is more incentive to go onto me because he can get a trip outside to the sun. My Veiled will have none of that and I...
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    is this strange

    They certainly want out of the cage and if you can facilitate they are all for it. The only time I handle my chameleon is when the weather is good and we can get some sun together. Otherwise I transfer him right to his free range plant.
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    Romeo's offspring pic-a-thon!!! Post your baby!

    Sr Cacahuete Here are a few of Cacahuete just finishing a shed, his first after a few months.
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    Doing ok?

    Sounds like the right amount of attention and care and the right attitude. Keep it up, it can be forwarding.
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    Don't stress too much I think the have a basic personality even though there are good days and bad days. My guy puffs up and contorts but it is usually to get more heat from the heat lamp or during a shed.
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    Feeding and enclosure

    Can't tell if the soil is covered or not but my Chameleons will go right after dirt or gravel if it is not covered with LARGE rocks.
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    Update on Kuzco

    He will come to love those little excursions out of the cage! Looking good.
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    Angry Boy

    I am really starting to love this angry little face!
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