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    Calling all kammer babies

    Unfortunately, I don't have the cham collection anymore. (Will hopefully be changing that in the near future! Lol) But this is one of the guys we had for awhile and his sire. Miss that handsome boy!
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    On the hunt - Gargamel kiddos? =)

    yeah, he was ours. =( it was awful! and the only time i'd ever had any problems with shipping. did find a few old pms though from some of the other offspring owners, so who knows? =) and been keeping up with lancechams and in contact periodically - he took a lot of the babies and...
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    On the hunt - Gargamel kiddos? =)

    unfortunately, yes. =( i kept in touch with a few of them when we initially moved to italy....think we even had a thread at one point with some pictures, but it has been almost 3 years..... figuring it's definitely a long shot/possibly unlikely, *fingers crossed*
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    On the hunt - Gargamel kiddos? =) Just a link for anyone looking that might remember him....
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    On the hunt - Gargamel kiddos? =)

    Hello all! Been a long time and betting this may be a long shot, but kinda lost touch with some of the Gargamel offspring owners and wondering if there are still any on here that have kept up with breeding and may have some babies in the works or looking for homes! =)
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    how's he lookin?

    it is so awesome to see some of those babies' babies! loving the yellow! pretty sure stryder would be a proud papaw! ;)
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    My new Ambanja/Ambato Ranger boy and gf

    have to say, i haven't logged into the forum in almost a was so hard to give up all of our "kids", but it was funny, just looking thru this thread, i swear i thought i was looking at OUR girl when i saw that picture!! that probably sounds a little crazy cause so many of them look so...
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    My son of Gargamel Ambanja "Azriel Blue"!

    yeah, that one does look like an instagram picture...the others she took, i asked if she used any filters or anything and she said no, but i didn't ask about this one... whatever she has on her phone is what she took it with. =) ironically though, the other two that she took today (this pic...
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    New baby finally here

    just another shot of herbert's brother, enjoying some ky sun. =)
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    My son of Gargamel Ambanja "Azriel Blue"!

    got another one of trekkie that my niece took...he's been getting some ky sun. =) love seeing these boys grow up!! absolutely love the yellow! (yellow is one of my fav colors) we've been thinking when we get back to the states....we may try to find one of the yellow body ambanjas. =)
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    Needing a jailbreak in Italy...

    yeah...i agree...."adequate", but you know how we cham lovers"ideal" is the only "acceptable", right? lol. ;) the phone camera definitely distorted the colors...haha...i swear everything in there was not just green. hehe... wish i had been able to get a good picture of his...
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    Needing a jailbreak in Italy...

    i couldn't get a good picture of the front of his right can only kinda see part of the white spot in the picture.....but it was a huge growth/knot/something on his right front leg. and though i know glass enclosures can be was the combination of the glass, the dry climate...
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    Needing a jailbreak in Italy...

    just from what it looked like to me, i'm guessing MBD....and not sure what else is going on to cause the lump on his leg. he also seemed to have a burn scar or something on his head....not huge, but still.... his eyes are not sunken in or anything, but unless they JUST cleaned the enclosure, i...
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    Needing a jailbreak in Italy...

    Sorry for the poor photo quality - my phone camera is not the greatest.... Finally saw my first cham in Italy an aquarium/reptarium in "central" Italy... seriously considered trying to break him out.... =( He was in a glass enclosure, with only a screen on top....they did...
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    Zen - My new panther boy from Lance

    Lol...I know Lance...I was hoping he was watching the thread and would answer which breeding line he was from. =)
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