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    why only pygmies?

    The glass vs. screen discussion is a us vs. europe story aswell. In sweden I think almost every cham keeper has them in glassenclosures with excellent result. So I dont think you can say glass enclosures are bad (end of discussion). I keep my cham in a glassenclosure and shes doing great.
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    my chameleon hates me

    I dont understand everbodies need to handle their chams. It´s not that kind of pet. Of course at some occations you need to handle the to check on their health etc. But just handling them, why? The times I need to take out my cham I use a stick that she can climb on to instead of me...
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    Albino Cricket?

    Crickets "shed" and right after that they are white Edit: brianchamman you won :)
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    What do you feed your brevs?

    Have you checked this site:
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    Getting Lumpy

    Grats Brad, been a while since I´ve been here. But it was fun to see your success! Hope everything goes as well in six month :D.
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    feeder bowls?

    Make one yourself. Check out this one. Its really easy to make and it works perfect
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    Guido's new diet a success

    That sounds great! He really was huge in those pics you posted earlier. Looking forward to hes afterpics.
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    contorted bones on a young female chameleon

    Look at this thread "How to as for help". With your answers to those questions it will be easier for other to help you and your cham.
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    Agree with Dave, they want to look down at you. But I should put in some horisontal vines in the cage to and if you can put in some vines higher in the cage (but be careful so it doesnt get to hot so your cham can burned). Otherwise I think its look good!
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    Watering Technique problems?

    My cham isnt that happy either when I start spraying. But usually she finds a spot in/under one of the plants. And when she gets there a spray at her again. Then the water hits her and the leaves around her and she starts to drink. You can also spray so the water runs in front of your chams...
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    new set up

    I think you need more plants. How about UV? Or is one of those a UV-Bulb? And that egglayingspot is no good. Its need to be deeper so the female can dig. Check this out:
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    Dont know if FLchams ships to UK, but if they do their cages seems to be good. I think you can get your hands on ExoTerras flexariums. E: Wohoo, that was post nr 100 for me =)
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    Clingy has a roomate!!

    Thats great! I asume its worth the wait.
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    what to do on vacations

    I have a cham watcher usually my sister. On longer vacations when I go to our country house (can you say so?) I take her with me. This is one of the things to think about before anyone buys a cham.
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    My New "Big-Boy" Cage!! :)

    Nice cage! And a really good idea with that bottom of the cage.
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