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    what sick person...

    When I lived in Edmonton, I used to see trucks with "balls" all the time. I personally think it's stupid. I wanted to start a 'Truck Neutering Club' and go around cutting them off...
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    Gordon in action!

    I was playing around with a burst photo app on my phone today. Cool app, turned out pretty good. You can set the frame rate, etc. So obviously I tested it out while Gordon was eating breakfast this morning. =)
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    Just bought 27 firebelly toads

    oh my... we have 5 and they are SO loud sometimes... good luck!!
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    Ever wonder if Waxworms and Mealworms can co-habitate??

    They can't. Haha. I learned this the hard way. I always have a few "treat" items handy for Gordon. So once a week he gets a mealworm, sometimes twice a week. Last week I decided to get a few waxworms to mix up his weekly treat. Without hesitation I just put them in with the mealworms...
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    Random word thread!!

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    The Escapee!!!!

    So my wife and I had an interesting event happen last night... At around 2AM I start waking up to a little tickle on my leg while I lay in bed. Being half asleep, I gently brush the blanket off my leg which was doing the tickling... or so I thought... Now the tickling starts moving up...
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    Random word thread!!

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    How to seperated my Dubia? this is an awesome post that should help you out.
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    The Chameleon Virus!

    best virus everrrrrrrrr.
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    feeding flies

    What sandra said. Again assuming you mean flightless FF, the other part to remember (if you are dusting them), is to also remember to tap the container you are putting the flies into as well! Once you get the rhythm, it gets easy - dare I even say - fun? =)
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    Chameleon sprayer!

    i admire your nerdiness and dedication. =)
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    Random word thread!!

    yaaaaaaaawwwwnnnnnnn. =)
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    my nosy be

    Welcome to the forums!! I also recognized this little cutie from the BCRC FB page. I'm excited because I am pretty sure she is from the same clutch as my boy Gordon. Thanks for sharing some pics!!
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    AquaZamp rain dome moified for free range

    that is an incredible set up!! that raindome looks fantastic too! thanks for sharing.
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    Reptile Boarding around Vancouver, BC

    Hello All, I just wanted to post a review of sorts. This past weekend my wife and I went to Banff for almost a week and we decided to bring Gordon (our Nosy Be) to a local reptile boarding place while we were gone. At first, I was really nervous about letting someone else take care of my...
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