Reptile Boarding around Vancouver, BC


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Hello All,

I just wanted to post a review of sorts. This past weekend my wife and I went to Banff for almost a week and we decided to bring Gordon (our Nosy Be) to a local reptile boarding place while we were gone. At first, I was really nervous about letting someone else take care of my little guy, but I was VERY impressed by this place. If you live in the lower mainland in BC, check out Colton Boarding in Langley, BC ( It is run by a very sweet couple out of their home. They have a bunch of awesome reptiles, some of which were rescues. They do a wonderful job and they'll treat your chameleon like one of their own (and they have 4!!). I just thought this might be helpful for anyone else in the area who may need a cham-sitter in the future. OH! I almost forgot, they took care of our Fire Belly Toads too. They can board all kinds of reptiles (iguanas, beardies, basilisks, chameleons, tortoises, etc) - lots of experience with all sorts of lovely critters!! Thanks for reading!


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Argee. My Nosy was at their place for 10 days. Julia and Ried both did a wonderful job of taking care my cham too. Me and my cham absolutely love that place.

They also have the cutest ferrets :D
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