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    We Got a Baby!!!!

    That is great, so few people breed them. Cute little thing :)
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    My two new rescues! (pics)

    I hope your new charges make full recoveries.
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    My Green Anole's !

    Green Anoles are being pushed out by Brown Anoles, Cuban Knights Anoles and the Puerto Rican Crested Anole. These are just their cousins, other invaders do some damage to them too. Florida is basically one giant invaded ecosystem.
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    newborn Williamsi Gecko's

    Yup, they are so much fun to have. I love mine and plan on getting more.
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    newborn Williamsi Gecko's

    I am always sold out of these cute little geckos. I sell them faster than they can hatch. I will post the next ones for sale here 1st, give the CF group the advantage :)
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    newborn Williamsi Gecko's

    Don't worry Chris, they should start to bounce back again as many people are having good luck breeding them in captivity.
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    getting madascgar green gecko's!!!

    If your getting phelsuma grandis, they will try to eat your frogs.
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    Leopard Gecko Not Eating

    Some helpful links: &
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    very sad few days for me :(

    Poor rats, they make such great pets and it is easy to attached. RIP Killer & Layla.
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    My Latest/New Project

    They look great, nice and healthy. Good luck with the eggs!
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    types for foods available in arizona

    Feeders that are not crickets, mealworms and superworms are around. You just need to have connections or a deep wallet. Most of us breed our own roaches. Where are you located in AZ? I maybe able to point you some shops that carry other types of feeders, not reliably, but they get them.
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    Siberian Husky Pup

    Huskies are my fav breed of dog, nice looking pup you have.
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    Lake Titicaca Frog made into soup, but making a Comeback

    That is one silly looking frog. Hopefully they can get a good CB program going for it.
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    R. sarasinorum

    Your sara is awesome :)
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    Feeding an Anole

    Enjoy :) Care for green and brown anole is the same.
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