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    Young Male Veiled for Sale - Local Only

    Price drop to $345
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    Young Male Veiled for Sale - Local Only

    Still available. I can't edit the original post, but I'm keeping the price at $385 instead of raising it to $400. Also, if you purchase him, I have a $20 Petsmart gift card that I won't be needing that you can have.
  3. Ready for bed

    Ready for bed

  4. He thought there was a worm on the branch

    He thought there was a worm on the branch

  5. Making his rounds about the cage

    Making his rounds about the cage

  6. Climbing


  7. Jan. 15

    Jan. 15

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    Young Male Veiled for Sale - Local Only

    Hello all, Unfortunately I have to part with my veiled chameleon, Ralph. I cannot ship him and his enclosure, so you must be near Folsom/El Dorado Hills, or even the Sacramento area if you are willing to drive a bit. I purchased Ralph in January from Reptile Depot, he's almost 10 months now, and...
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    What are some easy(and cheap) insects I can breed for a 2 month old veiled

    I have found that silkworms are actually easier than I thought to breed. The only problem is you do have to buy special food for the worms (unless you have a mulberry plant), but I think it still works out being a lot less expensive. I think a forum member made this awesome blog about breeding...
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    Possible tail issue?

    Anyone have any ideas?
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    Possible tail issue?

    It's hard to see in the pics, but to clarify, the very tip of his tail looks normal, it's just a small section above it that looks kind of bumpy.
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    Possible tail issue?

    Hi, I've been on the forums for awhile but I just got my chameleon (Ralph) on Jan. 4 and I'm concerned about an odd brownish somewhat bumpy/deformed area on the tip of his tail. The store I got him from seemed to be taking good care of their chams (screen cages, real plants, knowledgeable), but...
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    Chameleon breeders in NorCal?

    I'm not sure if this should be posted in the wanted section of the classifieds or not, if so, oops. :) Anyways, after wanting a chameleon and researching them for probably over two years, I think I'm finally ready & able to get one :D ! I've finally got the enclosure all figured out, although I...
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    Calling all houseplant experts

    Darn, I was hoping it wasn't scales, but at least I can get rid of them now that I know. Do you think it's worth trying to save the plant or should I just return it?
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    Calling all houseplant experts

    I'm not much of a green thumb when it comes to houseplants, and I need some help identifying a suspected pest on a Schefflera Arboricola I purchased yesterday for my (future) cham's enclosure. The plant looks pretty healthy overall, but when I looked closer at the stems, there are these weird...
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