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    A. versicolor sac! :D

    How cute! I have a tarantula and she is so sweet. Congrats on the babies!
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    sad week at my house

    It is very hard on us that love all creatures when one leaves us. It's worse when people say stupid things like its just a lizard. I know you are sad and will be for a long time, but think of all that Baby has taught you. All they joy and excitment he gave to you and know he will be with you...
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    Yay- LLL in San Diego

    Yahoo!! :)
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    Baby Lex out in the sun

    Yes they can. I am so worried about that. I make sure he has shade and a dripper and then I set my timer for 15 mins and bring him back in till he gets older and stronger. I did this with my other cham, we sort of built up to a longer sun time till he got older. Now my older cham lets me know...
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    Do you have a cross?

    He's not an adult yet, only six months old. Ambilobe/Ambanja. He is super friendly and out going. And shedding!
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    What are your chameleons names?

    LOL, my toads names are Zeeva and Tony! NCIS
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    Lex showing his color

    I swear this boy is growing fast. I havent even had him a week and he is all over his cage and loves going outside. I am so glad he is a happy boy. He just gets brighter everyday.
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    The Waiting Game.

    How long have you had him? He is adorable.
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    What are your chameleons names?

    Kal-El and Lex.
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    Boy aren't I lucky

    LOL! Happy Birthday and what a greyt gift from you little green man :)
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    When to sun a baby?

    I have been working up towards getting my hand closer to him by placing crickets on his perch from the get go. I think he thought I was giving him crickets, cause I got close enough to put my hand under him and the other hand over him, basically cupped him. Hubby opened doors while I carried him...
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    When to sun a baby?

    Good advice. I did take him out today. Pictures under the thread, Baby Lex. He didnt bite and wasnt hard to handle at all. He was a very good boy :)
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    Your OTHER pets

    I actually do greyhound rescue and adoption. I have five. 2 bearded dragons hissing roaches Discus fish and I have 4 huge fish tanks tarantula toads I love bugs and would like to get more into that. Of course my two panther chameleons. I am hoping to get a...
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    Baby Lex out in the sun

    He was really enjoying the day. It was too nice out to not give him a try.
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    When to sun a baby?

    He is so sweet looking. How old is he and how long have you had him? I am was trying to figure out when is a good time to introduce him to outdoors. I have only had him since Saturday. I am guessing I should wait a few weeks. I take Kal El out all the time...I have had him longer.
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