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    favorite: Panther vs Veiled

    i would have to say panther, my yemen was a bad tempered little cow who wanted to eat me...but my panther is very laid back and he will sit on my curtains without any fuss :)
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    does shedding get harder

    when chams get a bit older.....reason i ask is when i had my veiled and she was aroung 9 months old the sheds started to take much longer to fall off, know i have my panther whos 9-10 months old and hes shedding at the moment but it seems to take forever to come off ans the shed looks thicker
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    Simba shedding AGAIN!! (PICS)

    hes just a bit younger than my panther, my boy is showing some nice colours now and just in the middle of a shed
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    are chameleons "dumb" ?

    he has fallen from top to bottom of the viv which is 4 foot, he normally shakes his head and tries it again....when i see him walking on the viv side i normally run out the bedroom before i hear the thud :eek:
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    Took my Cham to the vet today....

    the link is showing on holiday until 7th june :confused:
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    are chameleons "dumb" ?

    my panther still climbs on the mesh on the side of his reptibreeze..even though he has fallen from the top to the bottom several`d of thought he would realise by now..but no he doesnt
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    cant get peat

    i wouldnt put peat in with your cham, problem is if the crix are on the peat or soil the cham will shoot its tongue at them and wil pick up bits and end up swallowing it...this could lead to impaction problems with your cham
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    Nautilus died last night

    sorry for your loss mate
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    hes getting some colour

    this is how he looked only 2 month ago http://
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    try holding a waxworm in your hand and let him walk onto your hand but never pick them up......ive never heard mine yelp
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    hes getting some colour

    hes going towards 10 month, a lot of people thought he was a she...including me
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    May '11 Photo Contest

    ive entered a few times but always been removed for reasons i havent been told
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    hes getting some colour

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    skin sticking out of bottom

    it seems to have fallen off now...panic over
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    skin sticking out of bottom

    thanks guys..ive been at work since my post so he will be asleep know but i will get some piccies in the morning, i did see, what i thought was his penis when he was pushing the poo out (must have been constipated) beacause he took forever...the penis was coming out aswell and opening...
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