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    Vanessa cardui vs. Vanessa virginiensis

    Are both edible for our chameleons? The common names are very similar, and the butterflies look pretty similar. As expected, I guess... they are in the same genus, after all. ;) Just wondering... as the Blue'kids are getting big enough to enjoy flutterbees, and I don't want to make a mistake :)
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    Sela baby.. boy or girl?

    Thanks, folks :) I am just going to keep them and see what they turn out to be! I am fairly certain about a few of the females, and I had planned to keep all the girls for myself, anyway. *greedy* :D The other thing I'm wondering about.. is it common for them to shed all on the same day...
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    Sela baby.. boy or girl?

    Thanks, jannb :)
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    Sela baby.. boy or girl?

    Okay.. this little one is deathly afraid of the camera, so I have not been able to get clear shots of the nether region. I am not of the mind to traumatize them just for a few cute pics. That's just how I am with my animals. To each their own. However, I did try again, today... This is...
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    Sela baby.. boy or girl?

    I'll get one tomorrow, then. The breeders I've spoken to say they go by coloration just hours out of the egg, and not by the base of their tail since their potential hemipenes will not be developed enough to present as a bulge or larger base. That's what I've been doing ..and feel I've been...
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    Sela baby.. boy or girl?

    I can, but at this size they all look the same. All of them! :)
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    Sela baby.. boy or girl?

    I figured out pretty quickly who was male and who was female.. ....or so I thought! This little one makes me think girl about 90% of the time, but then her face will get all this color and I'm just not 100%. What do you think? Her body is usually the typical female colors.. pink...
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    Tamatave babies update!

    I don't know how I missed these babies! They are sooo CUTE!! :D
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    Nosy Be Mirror Pics

    Beautiful boy! Makes me want to keep all my babies! *ack* :D
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    Make your own tree?

    I love that idea! I usually end up piecing various parts of Manzanita together. Now, I'll be looking for Crepe Myrtle and others. The end result looks great! :)
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    Got a Tokay

    NERD's calico and powder blue Tokays are fantastic! I wish I could afford them.. or even justify the price tag on them, for a Tokay. ;)
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    California Forum Members

    I'm in the East Bay.. about 15 minutes from San Francisco :)
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    FL Cham hunt

    My Daddy had a shotgun full of rock salt for just such folks, but he would give those same folks a guided tour if they came up the driveway and knocked on the door to ask permission first. ;) I wish I still lived in the South, where people understand and live by common courtesy. :o
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    Got a Tokay

    Tokays are my favorite of all the geckos, but I've had super loud ones and very quiet ones, as well as really bitey ones and very laid back ones. One of my WC females was the "meanest", bitey monster of all, but great for stray cricket wrangling and random barking. My CBB male was the laziest...
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    A Few New Photos of Padre

    He's such a handsome boy, Jann! :)
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