Misting Water Automation

This includes routing thru a RO Filter

Shopping list @ www.purelyh2o.com

  • RO Filter - Hydro Maxx Nano 3 A low end filter that does some cleaning, which is better than nothing! But this item can be omitted if you choose.
  • 1/4" John Guest Tubing - 20 ft. - the tubing needed to run from water line to 5 gal bucket/reservoir.
  • Quick Connect Ball Valve 1/4"OD x 1/4"OD - safety 1st! always good to have a way to turn the water off by the reservoir.
  • Saddle Valve - 1/4" Compression - this is used to tap into your waterline.
  • Auto float upgrade kit - this will be installed in the misting reservoir.

  1. Find a cold water line close to your setup and use the saddle valve to tie into that water source. leave the saddle closed we don't want waterer coming out yet!
  2. Run the 1/2 tubing from the saddle valve to your misting bucket.
  3. Install the float top off valve into the bucket. This will require drilling and mounting the float into the bucket at the height you want the water to fill to. I suggest about a .25 down from the top.
  4. Run the tubing to the 5 gal bucket and put the shut off valve on the line so you can get to it. leave the valve in the open position for now.
  5. Then put some tubing in the out of the tubing 12 inches or so.
  6. Then put in the check valve that came with the top off kit. This will prevent water from coming out when the float provides any resistance (in the off position).
  7. Then from the check valve connect to the top off float you installed in the 5 gal bucket.
  8. Go back to the saddle valve and open it slightly slowly until water starts to fill the 5 gal bucket.

You should now have ro filtered water feeding your misting system and no longer need to fill that bucket manually!



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