Drip Systems

Drip systems are a must, be it a DIY or commerical version.

Where do I place the dripper?
I prefer to place the dripper hose outside the enclosure screen above the screen so that the screen will split the water drops and create a mini rain effect. It catches their eye better I think. This usually requires some small item under the hose, otherwise the hose will sit on the screen top and the water will just pool up.

What do I drip on?
I try to make sure I am dripping on to natural plant leaves or plastic leaves. Silk leaves do not really bead the water up like we want.

How Fast do I drip?
A drip rate of 2-3 drops a second. If you can get 45 drips per 15 sec that will be sufficient activity to catch the chameleon's attention and appeal to them.

One Drip for Many Enclosures, or Simply Less Refilling!
You can reduce the amount of refills needed by integrating the dripper into your misting system.

1 air pump
1 roll of air line
1 air line valve

  • Place the air pump into the misting system water source.
  • Run air line up to top of enclosure and put air valve on end of air line.
  • Put small length of air line on other end of air valve and place where you want to drip water.
  • Adjust valve and drip away!

This method will free up real estate on top of your enclosure and reduce the time spent refilling the dripper, etc... Now you only have to fill the 1 water source for the mister as normal, just more often. But if your using a 5 gal bucket you will not have to fill it more than every 3-4 days anyways.

Plus the dripper will be automated to your lights if you plug the pump into that timer.


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