DIY Rain Dome

I figured I would put up my rain dome's.

I made 3 for under 20.00

  • Drill with 1/4 bit or whatever you use to make small hole (heat up a phillips head screw tip and press thru even)
  • some extra 1/4 tubing (if you bought a mister setup you should have some still, if not goto lowes
  • Hot Glue Gun - If you don't already own one of these shame on you!
  • 1/4 T section from lowes
  • 3 1/4 misting nozzles from e-bay
  • Ocean Spray Juice Bottle

  1. Warm up the glue gun!
  2. Cut the bottle in half or where ever you want to make the dome base at.
  3. Drill a hole in the side 1/4 for the tubing to go thru.
  4. Once glue gun is hot, unscrew out the brass tip, then glue into the end of one of those 3 pack nozzle and seal up that end with glue. Removing the tip will make sure you don't get glue onto the tip and seal it off.
  5. Once the glue is dried make sure you can blow thru one end and it only comes out the small hole for the tip. Then screw the tip back on.
  6. Push your tube thru the hole in the bottle
  7. Push the tube into the open end of the nozzle. You will need to wiggle it into the nozzle. These nozzles are different than the quick release.
  8. At your misting nozzle where it goes into the enclosure bulkhead replace the elbow or unhook the tube and put the T section so it comes from the water supply and down into the bulkhead. The open end will be where the rain dome attaches.
  9. Position the nozzle up or down or to the side and hook the line into the T section and place where you want the dome.
  10. Turn on the mister and test placement of the done and angle of nozzle, and once satisfied with the angle turn off the water.
***Optional***Now unhook the tube fro m the t section and glue the tube to the bottle where it goes thru the hole, this will keep you nozzle in the position you want it.

NOTE: The tubing simply pushes/wiggles into the nozzles. Since there is no push release, you have to wiggle the tube/fitting alot to remove the nozzle if you want to. Its hard to do and takes alot of wiggling and some time but it will come off after some effort. These are designed this way so they dont come off by accident and are usually installed and left alone.


Wow very cool idea I really like it. After seeing this and the Hobo Raindome post I am going to fab something up to where my Mistking goes into my Big Dripper's to provide a constant water drip instead of having to fill up the Drippers separately. Great Blog

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