some people know my chameleon Kiwi has developed bad MBD. when i took her to her vet they told me many things i could do and things to alter such as lighting and supplements. i don’t handle her very much to let her learn to use her legs and she’s still on the ground not using her tongue to eat. however, i have also seen she’s trying to climb and seems to be gaining energy as well as not being dehydrated. as confused as i am, i’m very proud of my baby girl. we will grow and fight this together.


I am glad you are taking the initiative to take care of your girl. Please be sure to reach out to anyone on the forums for help!
I have not been following your thread so forgive me if I recover something already touched on. From what I think I read, you've already taken her to a herp vet and gotten a shot for mbd? She's not climbing or using her tongue? You're feeding her crickets with tweezers? I went through something similar a few years ago with a male. Two things I did after the herp vet visit was to get a bottle of Rept-Aid (about $30) and gave him a couple of drops morning and night for about 10 days. The other was I switched to Repashy Bug Burger to feed the crickets and Repashy Calcium Plus dusting powder which I use on every feeding. He totally recovered and lived a full life without ever getting ill again. I do the same with my current female, she was store bought, and she's over a year old and totally healthy. Good Luck.

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