1. Feces.


    Hello my children. so as a first time cham owner, i have become concerned. i gave my girl wax worms (heard they’re good and heard they’re not, tbh haven’t made up my mind.) and her feces looks very different from normal. she does have enough hydration and such. just not sure.
  2. Eggs


    Well our little girl is gravid! It’s very difficult for me to believe. I’m not sure when she will lay, but any advice on a lay bin is welcome and appreciated.
  3. Progress #3 (?)

    Progress #3 (?)

    We did it everyone. she’s using her tongue and climbing all over the place and i am overjoyed. some on this site know of my stubbornness and it has paid off for once in my life. my girl did it!
  4. Progress #2

    Progress #2

    Being honest here i feel like my work is doing nothing. like i started to see real progress and now it’s all stagnant when i’m doing the same things and giving her all the right stuff. i’m so tired. maybe people were right and i should give her to a rescue person because i don’t know if i can...
  5. Progress #1

    Progress #1

    Our helm has totally firmed! i’m so proud and i appreciate your suggestions on my last blog post. she’s beginning to love the outdoors more and more. keep praying and you can follow her instagram if you’d like for updates twice a day!
  6. MBD


    some people know my chameleon Kiwi has developed bad MBD. when i took her to her vet they told me many things i could do and things to alter such as lighting and supplements. i don’t handle her very much to let her learn to use her legs and she’s still on the ground not using her tongue to eat...
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