zoopoxy vine maker

Ooo! In interested too I've been wanting to make some but I need to know the safest materials to use. They are kind of spendy for the quantity I need. I already have about 30ft and I'd like another 100 because my enclosures are large


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If you'll looking for inexpensive, have you considered buying a length of electrical wire? bendy, the plastic coating/housing is easy to clean, not hard to find in brown, green, black. get any length you want off a spool. You can sometimes get cheap from renovations (people re-wiring will give away or sell cheap the old wires) and such.


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Its an old thread...but....I just tried zoopoxy vine maker.

I have used zoopoxy putty in the past at work..being a scenic artist I use a lot of cool products .. We textured a big boot mobile for LLBean 100 anniversary with zoopoxi flex. And also a lot of stuff out at Universal Studios Harry Potter section is textured with good old zoopoxy putty. I like it ...non toxic and easy to work with. It IS expensive though.

I decided to try the vinemaker on a fake tree I was coating. It's not at all a putty .it's more like thick syrup. It's a 2 part cure with a short working time. It dries in a rubbery coating and seemed to stick well. It can be painted with latex paint. The application was a bit messy being it is all drippy. The stuff didn't take texture well unless you came and hit it with a brush as it started to cure. There is product you can AD to it to thicken it but I didn't try.

It's not water clean up like zoopoxy putty. so use disposable brushes and put a drop cloth down
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