Zero water filter... Need feedback from smart people :)


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So interesting I thought... I do have the zero water filter the big one for the fridge. I put the new filter in 2 weeks ago when we first got here. We have been using for drinking water for 3 people. About 400-500 ounces between the 3 of us a day. I decided to test it and it is still at a 000 PPM. Since I have been using tap water for my little evap cooler that I have set up on the cage I am going to switch to the zero water for the ice cubes and water that goes into the unit. Reduce the potential for issues to the unit. But I really thought it was interesting that after so much use it was still at a 000 PPM after 2 weeks.

I wont be using it for the mistking or the fogger. I am using probably 4 gallons every 2 days right now and I am still playing with my misting lengths since I am living in a totally different environment than before. It takes too long to sit and fill the gallon bottles with it. Plus I do not want to ruin the filter too quickly because they are expensive.


Countertop water distillers may look less intimidating.
So I ordered, tried , and failed. This distiller was a flop after 3 cycles. The fan started clanking and sound like it was getting ready to blow up. After reviewing so many ,I finally picking this one ☝️ Because it was on a prime day sale. This thing was huge and to my surprise not that loud. I sent it back . However, I spent a little more on my second one ; also, expecting that it's a little smaller and more appealing on my kitchen cabinet . also to my surprise most white ones with plastic jugs have bad reviews.
This is the bad one I picked:

CO-Z 6L Water Distiller, Larger 1.6 Gal Countertop Home Distillers, Distilling Pure Water Machine for Home Table Desktop, Distilled Water Making Machine, Water Purifier to Make Clean Water for Home
Countertop water distillers may look less intimidating.
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