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:) I'm new to the boards and a new chameleon owner of a Panther chameleon by distance and live in Calgary Alberta Canada. The Panther Chameleon named Steve lives at my Son's house, due to the fact that my better half doesn't like any pets of any kind in the house. My son asked if I wanted it someone was getting rid of it and the whole setup so I said I would help with the cost of food and other supplements (Vitamins, Calcium and such) Steve is 16 inches long from the tip of the tail to its nose and is very friendly so I beleive he must be at least 1 year old. At present we feed it Silkworms and crickets every two days and on the third feed a light dusting of Cal.powder A pinch from my finger tips on the silkworms. every couple of weeks we give it a treat a couple of wax worms. He also has Mealworms and superworms. The crickets are gut loaded. It is in a large nylon cage with the artifical branchs Temp is 89 over on hot side and 75-84 on cool side Humid. varys between 56-76 we spray(mist) three time a day. He's very friendly and enjoys climbing on you. Well I think thats enough for now I'll try and figure out how to send pictures so I can show you the enclosure and Steve.
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Hello howasaur, welcome to the Chameleon Forums :) :D

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