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Howdy. So here's the skinny, in case anyone's interested. I returned to the United States a year ago after living in Uganda for three years. Had masses of chameleons, mostly Chameleon bitaeneus or Chameleon ellioti, nobody was sure which, all over the house. I really miss having the little guys around all the time. I'd like to get a few here to help fill the gap left by the posse that used to live with me but realize that keeping chameleons here in Wyoming is a bit more problematic than on their native soil. I used to just let 'em hang out on the windows where they'd do their own hunting and occasionally leave some water out in a dish for them to drink. No worries about temp or light or food since they had gone directly from living in a bush next to my window to living on the window. They all did just fine there. Since my windows here are not left open and in fact are iced over today and there are no bugs in my house, my present skills in chameleon husbandry are needing some updating. Also, I might be forced to get a different species, one I'm not so familiar with, which is to bad since the side-striped ones were pretty fine with being man-handled. I used to walk around with them all the time; they'd keep the bugs down and my neighbors bred pigs. On the upside, here I don't have to worry so much about protecting them from chickens or being beaten to death by my house girl. The chameleons, not myself, my house girl wouldn't have gone after me since then she wouldn't have gotten paid. So I'm hoping to make the transition from co-habitating with a semi-wild population to keeping the poor little guys in cages. That's about it.
Hello Jessica, Welcome to the Chameleon Forums :)

Do you have any chameleon pictures from Uganda? You can get lots of help on husbandry in these forums. You may want to check out the link directory as well.
Will do. Bit tricky since digital cameras weren't too common in Africa while I was there. Only had one the last three months. I'll look through my stuff and see what I've got. I did have one of them give birth on my windowsill-got lots of photos of that but they're all pretty poorly exposed.
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