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I having been looking around and the only Wylde baby i ever see posted about is Raiden. Does anyone else out there have a product of Wylde? Just looking to see some more of his offspring. Post pics please if you have a Wylde baby.
great post id like to see this too, id also like to see any offspring of any of the earlier ones. are people just holding them? are there even any offspring out there? id haveta think there is but where are they. i would def want some that just as you an everyone else. but i been lookin for a few years an havent found em.
I think im not for sure that most people buying them are buying them for pets not breeding purposes. But that may not be a fact. I have searched around the web trying to find pictures of them too.
Well there seems to be a little mystery going on here. Because it would seem like that between the 4 us one person would have more intel on these guys. I mean there still arent that many of us working with falys. It just seems we'd see something offered or just posted to show pics. Is Wylde still even an active breeder? If anyone finds anything please tell us.
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