WTF?!?! Mold? Eggs? Not good!


Hey everybody. So I got back from a trip to my cousins wedding. My mom was watching Aesop for me, and since he had previously always done his business right in the front of his cage, I told her to look for the droppings there. He apparently changed his habit when I was gone, because when I was overhauling his cage just now I found a hidden poo stash in the rocks on one of his plants. I took the rocks out to clean them off, and found this under them! It looks like eggs of some sort to me. I took all the rocks out and found another small patch of it under the lip of the pot. I'm obviously going to scoop it out and disinfect the rocks, but does anyone else have any other suggestions? Or better yet know what this is? Do you think it would be worth repotting the plant? Thanks in advance.

Kinda looks like spider eggs. I would toss the plant if it was me or a real good cleaning..
I've seen that type of mold in my pygmy cages quite a bit, usually around a new plant I've just added. It doesn't seem to be harmful and after a while tends to go away. I've never seen a spider explosion or anything like they're eggs but I guess they could be. I'd just scrape out that section and cover the soil of the plant so Aesop can't get to it.
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