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I read a post that said young chams can shed in hours. They weren't kidding. I noticed that my 2 month old was shedding a bit on his tail last night. I just looked in on him and it is like he burst out of his skin! He is now having a skin feast! :rolleyes:
what type of plant is that nearest to your cham?
my 2 month old just shed too, its funny watching them keep puffing themselves up to seperate the skin
The one nearest to him is a fake plastic plant-the kind with rocks glued to the bottom so it stands upright. He likes it because he can rub his skin off on it. The other plant is a live Pothos.
He has been rubbing and scratching off old skin for most of the day. Shedding also apparently makes him hungry as he has eaten about 8 crickets already!
oops, i thought it was a hemp plant.

i suppose one would thrive under the uv light.

anyone know if it would be toxic to a cham if it ate some?
not that i condone its recreational use, but medical use is ok.
I believe Zoo Med sells cannabis plastic plants. You would not want one in the cage. With all the misting potential mold in the buds of the blooms and they are just annuals.
well, im gonna have to make a bigger cage someday and could use an old tube for a bit longer, get more moneys worth out it!

Maybe for a clone. Nothing else.

I would imagine the reason they sell the plants like that is because there native to all seven continents. I could see some desert type reptiles utilizing them for cover. The smell when in bloom would attract all kind of bugs.
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i was thinking when i build the new enclosure (il post pics for sure) i could utilise the old tank for growing experiments hidden away in a closet, with good air flow of course! woldnt want any of the future in laws seeing what i get up to.

Definately have to go for a stubby plant, anything would soon max out in height as its only 1 1/2 foot tall.

sounds like you know the score eh jordan?
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