Would this be a good humidifier?


My husband and I were looking for inexpensive ways to keep up the humidity in our 3 month old Veiled Chameleon's (large, screened in) enclosure, at night, or while we're not home. I saw this small humidifier on TV, called the "Bell & Howell Sonic Breathe Ultrasonic Travel Humidifier" .


Now, I saw misting systems at Petsmart, that were $100 and up, and I just can't see myself paying that kind of money just to keep the RH up, when we're not around or awake to spray (with our $2.50 spray bottle). I've priced out this mini-humidifier, and it's only about $30.

Is this a good way to go?


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I think it would be fine as long as the water vapor is 1) not hot and 2) not too much.

You'd have to test it out and see how humid the air gets around it.


Just my gut feeling but anything that comes from an "as seen on tv" infomercial is utter junk.

There's a store at my local mall that sells them. She had one going on the counter when I went in there last, which is what gave me the idea to use one.

It looks like you can adjust the amount, so that will be good. I'll give it a try and monitor the RH to see if it works.


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It looks battery powered but would probably work.

Before you buy one look for ulrasonic humidifiers on amazon or some such place. You will find better plug in ones for about the same cost minus the hassle of messing around with batteries.


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$30 isn't all that great a deal when you can get a larger reservoir on a plug in room humidifier that is probably a lot more durable...designed to be used longer and more frequently year after year. Also, if you have one that plugs in, you can control the on-off cycles with a lamp timer. You'll hardly ever want to just let it run until it runs dry. Running it dry will damage the nebulizer or kill it. You'll end up replacing the entire thing, which means you just paid the difference between them!
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