Would like to hear a chameleon.

I'm not sure your going to get anything except maybe a hissing noise when they are angry. (or the secondary cursing after they bite someone...)
There is a hum or vibration that chameleons make and some believe they communicate this way....if only to say: "stay off my turf".
Don't know where you can hear it online.

Yes they have "teeth" of sorts and can bite..... hard if needed...

Just curious if anyone checked the link I provided in my first post? Specifically the part that says "Click here to hear a WAV file recorded by Kenneth Barnett" ? Are those not chameleon "noises" in the literal sense? :rolleyes:
A human can normally only hear in the 20-20,000Hz range. The sounds the chameleons make are lower then that. The recording was actually speed up so you could hear it. No different then old tape players. You could hit play and fast foward at the exact same time and it would sound like Alvin & the chipmunks.

Yeah Jamie I saw that right off the bat. I kind of thought it was funny reading the rest of the post.
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