Worse expo ever


:( We drove almost 2hr and they didnt have anything....Only two bearded dragons, normally they have tons..Luckily my son got one:) and its a very healthy little one at that.Only about 10 booths total.
BUT otherwise they had no tube style UVB lights, no drippers, no roaches or worms other then mealies.No supplements either...I guess I will have to order everything.
Not a single cham which is probably a good thing anyways.Nothing on my list but a cheap hygrometer and a box of crickets..I did however pick up a poor little hatchling leo with a kinked tail for just about free.I just hope I can get it eating.Named it Toad:p

I also got a nice pair of gopher snakes, very sweet.
Was that the Kansas City expo?? Hey! Another Kansas person, sweet! Where are you located? I skipped this expo, I kinda' figured there wouldn't be anything chameleon there. I went last month and there were a few, but nothing that I jumped up and down about lol.
We are about 45 miles South of Manhattan. I was really expecting it to be bigger but the one vendor I talked to said that a bunch of vendors canceled at the last minute...I know the Kcherp one that is twice a yr is much better, should have waited.I was really impressed with the Manhattan show last yr.But they only have one and its in Fall.It was probably three times as big and the prices were super.
But Rodentpro was at this one so that saved me a ton in shipping.

Where are you? I thought I saw someone on here from Topeka, which is about an hr from us.
Yea, my freind Dave holds the manhattan show every year and it is awesome. I'm in Salina. I just order everything, because I already know what to expect from the kc show.
That's exactly why we go on the expo website before we go to check who will be there. I know for the NY expo, they give a full list of who will be there and supply websites for most of the vendors. You may want to check that out before you go.
sounds like the time i went to a reptile expo in northern Massachusetts, there was nothing there! come to realize, Mass has the dumbest reptile laws and all chams are illegal to sell there!
Dave doesnt run the Manhatten expo anymore, he didnt this last fall either, his business went under right before the show, which really sucks.Some lady I think her name is Laura or Laurie runs the show now.Maybe it was Mandy, IDK I called her last time before the show to make sure they would have a rodent vendor.

I think the only laws here in KS are no local species for sale.So no bullsnakes, garters and stuff like that.I dont know why they can still sell hognoses though, since they are local.
Yea, I knew about the pet store closing, but I thought him and his wife allison still ran it? Hmm....He works at petco now lol, if you knew him well than that should be very funny to you.
I only met him a few times, but didnt know him personally.I was a bit disappointed with his store and the care he gave his reptiles after they moved to the smaller location..Actually it probably wasnt him but his employees..I bought a jcp from his store and it was a mess.Layers of stuck shed and more mites then Id ever seen on a snake in my life.
I also got my credit card number stolen from one of his employees..Luckily it was maxed and the person couldnt get it too work but they sure tried.I always used cash there after that.
BUT I do miss the only reptile store in the area.They always had some interesting animals that were hard to find..(sorry trying end on a more optimistic note there)
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