worried about my Veiled female 5 mo old


I purchased my female veiled from a Petco 1 1/2 Mo ago. It was posted that she was 3 mo. old. I have only handled her 2 times, when moving her from habitat to habitat (let her crawl on to my hand) I feed her sm and med gut loaded crickets(with crictet quencher, calcium fortified, and orange cubes), sm and regular meal worms, wax worms. I tried superworms until I read she should not be fed anything wider than her head. Suppliments: Rep-Cal Phosphorus Free, calcium w/ VitD, Ultra fine powder ( use on regular basis) also Reptivite-reptile Vitmin w/D3, ultra fine/super stick ( have only used once. will use monthly) Watering, distilled water only, using a dripper and also
mister ( 15 sec, every hour ) Fecal: med-dark brown, slightly moist, also white with a little yellowish color. She has been active. A good eater and drinker. 2 wks ago, her behavior changed. She became dark, drinking and eating less. I began watching her closely. I saw a spot on her side, toward her belly that looked dark, almost bruised. I began pulling up info on the internet, and that's how I found this site. It didnt look like a burn, or a parasite on the skin. Looked much more like a bruise. I also read about the possibility of her need to lay unfertalized eggs as early as 4-6 mo old. So I set up a sand/soil box and had it moist enough to hold form. I have 2 identical enclosures. 18x18x36H all screen with full spectrum lighting, and basking bulb 50W. She has walked on the sand, so I know she knows it's there. I have not seen any digging or eggs. For about 2 days, she became very active, and very dark coloring most of the time. I'm just not sure if she has laid eggs. ( I don't want to disturb her much ) I also have 3 small dogs, I have the enclosure in my bedroom, and have a towell blocking her view of the pets. I figure she would feel vunerable being in the sandbox, and not up top. She did just shed ( the third time since I have had her. I also use: a mist spray of emollients and aloe to moisturize and help with shedding ) She is eating better again. Not drinking as much, from what I have observed. She is still often dark. I noticed yesterday that the spot that used to look like a a bruise, is now a white spot. At first I thought it was skin that held on from the shedding process. I can try to take a pic of it, if it will help, but any ideas out there on what it might be? I hate to stress her out with a trip to the vet if it is something I can check out, before I resort to that extreme.
What do you think? I will appreciate any and all help. Thanks !!!

Thank you for the links! I have learned a lot by visiting them. I think I am following the basic suggestions fairly well. I appreciate your response. Thank you!
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