Worried about impaction


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I have a Male Veiled he is about 8-9months old, he didn’t poop for about a week and a half and then he finally pooped but the poop was very large compared to any of his other poops I clean his enclosure once a week I would normally clean out 3-4 small ish poops, I figure it was because he didn’t poop for so long that’s why it was a bigger poop but it’s been another week since that poop and he hasn’t pooped again. I’ve also had to pull out 3 sperm plugs from him this week idk if that’s normal or could be affecting his poop. He isn’t showing any signs of impaction other than the lack of poop he’s still very active and still eating perfectly fine. I feed him 3 quarter size crickets every other day 5-8 of them which is something that has started more recently maybe about a month now I was told by the store I got him from that around this age I cut back his feeding to that many but a friend of mine who also has a Cham told me that that’s not enough for him and he should eat around 12crickets every other day, he use to eat 24small crickets every day. Is he pooping less cause he’s eating less or not eating enough? His temp for his basking range between 80-85degrees and his enclosure temp ranges between 75-70degrees during the day and at night with his lights out is between 65-68degrees. For his feedings I dust his crickets with calcium without D3 every feeding and he gets Vitamins and D3 2x a month. For his main light I use a reptisun T5 5.0 UVB bulb I don’t remember what I bulb I use for his basking light it was whatever bulb the chick on YouTube recommends (Neptune the chameleon). Idk if I’m doing anything wrong but him not pooping just worries me a lot


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UVB is perfect find out the wattage of your heat it should be between 60W-100w anything less or more could affect your cham digesting and processing or possible thermal burns if your wattage is too hot. Yours is a juvenile/young adult so I would feed it around 5-7 good sized insects but as for my full grown adult panther cham I feed it 4 good sized insects every other day... big poops does not always mean impaction mines sometimes has massive poops you wouldn't think possible but he is doing great! but if he is not defecating like usual symptoms of impaction are the chameleon will show internal distress by being lethargic and progressing onto eyes closing during the day and sinking in. There can be an appearance of being bloated.
he could also be refusing to eat or straining to defecate.... reasons could be the following:
  • Dehydration
  • Low temperatures
  • Large-particle substrate (bark chips)
  • Feeder insects larger than chameleon’s head
  • High parasite load
make sure your husbandry is on point If you do not see stool within a week, make an appointment with a certified reptile veterinarian, hope this helped a bit if you need more info I'm here and I have a few friends who know more then me lol :)
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