Wondering how many women are chameleon caretakers


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I am interested in the number of women who are into chameleon husbandry. I got into this for my son and again for my daughter. And it is now my own passion. I don't want any other reptile. The chameleon exotic nature, character and of course colorful beauty is a woman's kinda reptile. What do you girls think?


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Yes of course they are for everybody who has a passion for chameleons. I just wondered if girls are more drawn to chameleons over any other reptile.


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Yes of course they are for everybody who has a passion for chameleons. I just wondered if girls are more drawn to chameleons over any other reptile.

I didn't really care for them my fiancé always wanted one, now I think I like them more then him lol. Because of me one turned into nine


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Oh gosh, please don't demasculate this for me lol. Obviously though, there area by more male reptile keepers than females. I personally know no female Cham keepers, but a few that do have snakes or other lizards. That being said, I do not believe there is a higher percentage of female reptile keepers that are Cham keepers than with male reptile keepers. In fact it seems to me that women tend be less often Cham keepers. In my experience, it seems like most women just don't have the desire to invest the large amounts of time and money to own a Cham or really have any type hobby that requires lots of time and money. I thinks it's a case of "boys and their toys", with exotic pets being one of them.

Then again, of all the exotic pets I have ever had or wanted, the only one my mother ever really had a remote interest in or slight sense of enjoyment from would be my chams.


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I like all reptiles :) Monitors, iguanas and chameleons are my favorite though.
I also have poison dart frogs, a horse, dog, cats, ect. Oh and kids, they are pretty much lumped into a "animal" category, but listen less and smell slightly worse....gotta love them though :p


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If we look back a while Linda Davidson, wrote one of the first Cham cooks in the us. She also has a lot of chams and species of chams.

I love my chams, can't imagine my life without them, and my husband would be thrilled to death if there was never another one in this house.


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In my family it's always been the girls who have owned reptiles. My sister use to have iguanas and I have a chameleon. My mom thinks my little guy is really cute. My boyfriend and dad don't like any reptiles. They didn't want me to get a Chameleon:( I'm trying to get my boyfriend to warm up to him to be able to hold him but I doubt that will happen anytime soon. :D lol


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Kind of drifting off topic but I think the allure of chams is that they are so specialized in so many different ways, everything about them has evolved to be different from any other lizard. Everything including their eyes, tail, feet tongue, head shape, and color is just unlike anything else. This coupled with their relatively calm disposition and harmless appearance (sorta), makes them very attractive to everyone, including people who may have little or no interest in other reptiles.


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Chameleons are what drew me to reptiles initially (thank you David Attenborough) and though my boyfriend and I keep and breed wide variety of reptiles now, the chameleons are still the ones I am most partial too.


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I'm another woman that keeps chameleons, among other reptiles. I've been working (at zoos and such) with exotic animals and reptiles since I was 8 years old, and I've always been the one to get friends and boyfriends interested in reptiles.


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I like my frogs equally, if not more than my Chameleons (and I love my chams).

My husband has no interest in either the chams or the frogs, beyond knowing they make me happy. He prefers our birds.


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There are many female chameleon keepers here on the forums - more than you might think. I am one. :) I've been keeping turtles, tortoise and iguana since I was a little kid and many other exotic or unusual pets. The weird ones are the best ones imo. ;)


I absolutely love my chameleon....but my first reptile love was a collared lizard that I had years ago. Then of course I fell in love with bearded dragons. I have to say tho that I have ALWAYS wanted a veiled chameleon. I don't mind the upkeep at all. It helps me relax and de stress. That being said both my daughter and son love chameleons as well....:D


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I'm the only person in my family who keeps reptiles (or pets in general). Only one of my friends has a reptile, a small ball python.

I have only had turtles before this, and they were gifts, not purchases, which... well, it wasn't a smart decision on the gift-givers part, but it did ease me into reptiles with a couple of very hardy animals :cool:

I also have two hedgehogs, two gerbils and a cat.

I cannot say chameleons are my favorite, but certainly the most fascinating of what I have had. I chose a chameleon over setting up a 40 gallon fancy goldfish tank, or getting a dog, and I think I have made the right choice. I am hoping to get more chameleons in the future! I'm thinking mellers, ambilobe and jackson.

My dad is afraid of snakes. My sister "hates animals" (she used to love them; had three birds, one of which died of starvation because she forgot to feed them). However, I may have convinced my brother into getting a bearded dragon :D I would get a beardie if I had more space.


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Let know lots of female chameleon keepers....and most of them keep other reptiles and even spiders and frogs too. I'm female and I've been keeping them for 25ish years.
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