Winter weather in Missouri

Sir Spiral Tail

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So I live in Missouri, and it gets cold....very cold at times. I keep my heater running pretty much all day, so it stays at least 65-70 all day. I have an ambilobe panther who is almost a year and a half old. My question is, even though the conditions are still similar inside as they were in the summer, would it be necessary to upgrade from my 60 watt bulb for heat? It seems pretty obvious to me that I should, but I don't want to make it too hot for him. He is free range, so he could always go somewhere else if it was too hot...well, i would just like some feedback on what others do this time of year. I got Whomi last January, and had him on a 75 watt bulb, and he was in a 2x2x4 enclosure, so it was easier to ensure consistent heat conditions.
This is my first winter with my cham, so im not too experienced in this, but all i can suggest is that to keep an eye on the temperature of the basking spot and the ambient temperature of the room, if it seems to be cooling down more then upgrade to a stronger bulb, but if everything stays consistent then i dont think a change in the strength of bulb is needed
I was thinking seemed like a silly question once i typed it all out, but the input will push me in the right direction! thanks
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