Winter is coming!

Since the temperatures are dropping (i live in florida so it never gets THAT cold) but will my chams be ok? I keep them inside next to a window and they have lights and basking lamps for the day. My family hardly ever turns the heat on so I'm wondering when is too cold for them at night? what could I do to try and keep them toasty at night?


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It gets to -20 often during the winter here, quit your bitchin o_O Damn, I can't wait until I move down to Fl. (y)


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Panthers can handle a night time drop down to 50˚F as long as they have proper daytime temperatures to warm back up. If you ever get indoor temperatures lower than that a ceramic heat emitter during the coldest hours of the night should easily make up the difference. I doubt you will need it. I keep one on hand incase of heater failure as a back up.
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