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I am planning out Ivan's adult cage, he is a flap neck chameleon. I am going to get him a 24"X24"X48" (bigger than needed but after him I want a panther, hopefully years away). I am going to order the aluminum cage from LLLReptile, and the water catch tray thing. For drainage I was thinking of buying a sink and cabinet that the cage would fit on, drilling a few holes in the bottom of the actual cage and then drilling a hole into the bottom of the water tray (so it ultimately drains into the sink) and under the sink have a bucket to catch the water. I think this will make the set up look nice having it on a nice cabinet, and will provide ample drainage for the mistking I will add. Then in the cage will be a couple of potted plants and some bird perches that go from one side to the other, with ladders connecting the perches and going from the last perch to the ground. I get my student loan check next month (I believe) so will at least purchase some of the stuff then, if not all of it. I have to see how much money is left over after I get my car fixed. This should cost me about $450 to $500 depending on how expensive I go with the cabinet/sink (I want it to look nice). That is including the price of the mistking and the new cage and water tray.

The reason I am thinking of using a sink is because it would be less likely to grow any mold on it, than if I just used a wood cabinet. I think anyway, lol.
Sounds like a good plan. The sink idea has been executed successfully before and make for a good looking and functional setup. Make sure to post pics for us to see when you are done!
Thanks =) Any idea where to find a sink+cabinet that is big enough. I went to lowes today to check things out and they are all like 18" wide (deep), they are long enough but not wide enough. There was one that was 20" I think, I guess maybe if it overhangs that is ok, but I would rather it didn't lol.
I went to Menards to look at sink cabinets, and ended up buying one that is about 24 inches deep by 29 3/4 inches wide. It didn't come with the sink, though. It was in the scratched/dent aisle, and nicer than the cabinets in my kitchen, lol. I'm going to use a washing machine drip pan, so the lack of a top wasn't a deal breaker for me. You could also buy a top separately. The only flaw I see with mine, is that it is top heavy when the drawer is opened. I think once I have the mister reservoir inside, it should weigh it down so it won't tip. I'll definitely test that before I set it up, though. It's for when I upgrade my guy's cage, so there's no hurry to get it done. Any of the big box hardware stores should have the deeper sized cabinet.
not sure if you have them in the US but here we have habitat for humanity stores where they sell used or salvaged and sometimes new stuff for houses, everything from nuts and bolts to french doors some guy donated...the prices are great and you're helping a good cause at the same time.
I was thinking about doing the sink thing as well, we have a DIY cage and can mount a sink directly to the enclosure if we wanted, good luck:)
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