I recently have purchased two new Ambanja's and I was wondering which one you guys think is going to be a better looking adult. Any info, comments, ect are welcome. Please let me know what you guys think. This first guy was hatched 10-04-13 and I call him Capone.Thanks for the advice


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And this is my second new Ambanja hatched 10-30-13 his name is Nelson


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Psychedelic Chams

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Its to hard to give a definitive answer they are a little young and they almost have equal coloration
They both look great though


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I would say the first one only because he looks to have a little more color in his face. But they are definitely too young to know what they will look like as adults. You never know, the little one could really bloom!!


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I think maybe the first guy also. So fun to watch them evolve! If you check my photo album and look at my Ambanja, the last picture in the album was at 4 1/2 months. Mine looks very similar to yours, but who knows how they will turn out!
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