1. Realkoi

    Whos the Better Ambanja

    I recently have purchased two new Ambanja's and I was wondering which one you guys think is going to be a better looking adult. Any info, comments, ect are welcome. Please let me know what you guys think. This first guy was hatched 10-04-13 and I call him Capone.Thanks for the advice
  2. Realkoi

    Two Ambanja and Nosy Be

    My collection has really started to grow as I had added a Male Ambanja from Chameleon Company and Two Male Nosy Be from The Colorful Life Chameleons. I could not be happier with all three. Just wanted to see what you guys thought of the new additions. Here is Avatar one of my new Nosy Be, Hope...
  3. Realkoi

    My New Male Ambanja sired by Willie Pete

    Just wanted to see what you guys thought of my newest addition. He D.O.H was 10-2013 sired by Willie Pete from the Chameleon Company. Jim was a great help highly recommended. Hope you guys like and thanks for the advice.
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