Which morph is this ?

That appears to be a first rate Sambava male. Congrats. He has the perfect colors, perfect "U" bar, and perfect triple dots beneath his "U" bar.
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I want to say one more thing. First they show me this picture:

but they sent me this chameleon:

Is this possible ? Are they the same chameleon ?
If he is a Sambava he will be green and red. Sometimes when they are fully mature (approx. 2 yrs old) they will have red bars on an orange background with green tones.

Are you in Deutschland? (I noticed you posted a link in your earlier thread that contained a .de suffix).
Yes, they are the same animal. Panther chameleons "fire up" when excited or threatened, so he will go from his relaxed green coloration to that bright orange/yellow. If you were to show him a female or his own reflexion in the mirror you would see him show the same colors.
I agree with Olimpia. The photo they showed you is fired up. But I have had 3 Sambavas that, when they were 2 years old, they were mostly red and orange, even when resting. Sambavas are a fun, feisty, locale, and you have an excellent, very beautiful, example of one there. Even in his resting colors.
I can't believe. He is red and green how can he get yellow and orange. He is obsequious. I take him to front of the mirror he didn't react :D
what is ''U'' bar ?

Here is the pic of your chameleon. I have circled the classic and desirable "U" bar with 3 spots below it.

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