Which cooling unit to get and what type?


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Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a portable cooling unit, I was thinking about getting portable A/C but then saw that portable version of a swamp cooler exist, so I don’t know which to get. The place I live has high temperatures and very low humidity during the summer and the room it will be cooling is between 500-800 sq FT. If suggesting a cooling please note any pros and cons of using that unit. Thank you
A swamp cooler is nice however it will only cool to a certain point, when it gets too hot the effectiveness drops off drastically. If you get an AC unit that is a little oversized you might be better off. Also with a swamp you will have to hook it up to water.
I am in Lancaster, and it gets extremely hot in summer here. I don't think a swamp cooler will do good above 90F. And after awhile of use, the humidity level rises up and it gets sticky. An AC unit would work best...in my opinion.
Cool Air Humidifier

I use to live in Pa and when I had bronchitis I use to use a cool air humidifier in the room and it would really drop the temp in a bedroom. I wonder if that would be enough of a temp drop.
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