Whew it's getting hot !!


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Both Chams share the spare room. It's only used for them and an extra bed just incase anyone stays here. My apartment is already boiling from heat. It's not even summer yet but today was a hot day. Thinking about getting a fan and lower heat bulb for the warmer months .. Anyone done this or have any ideas ?


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Even though my man here is soaking up the rays


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Im worried for when i get my pygmies that they wont be able to take the heat so if you find any cheap ways to cool a room down please let me know because sadly i have no air conditioning:(


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Hello. I am new but trying, just wanted to let you know what I think. Chameleons love hot humid places. I think they re enjoying the heat. BUT flowing air is also important. I think the fan on a low setting would be great it would add the great heat it's getting. As for the heat lamp, I would take the temp of the basking spot and make sure it's around 80-85 if it is then leave the lamp and if its higher then drop down to a 50W or 75W. Unless your basking spot is farther away from the light I would say the 100W would be too hot! Hope this helps :)

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Switching to a lower watt bulb on hot days, or even turning the basking light off for extremely hot days is ideal. You want to keep the temps at a certain level, and what gets you a 95F basking spot on a 70F day, will cook your animal on a 95F+ day if your AC cant keep up. Apartments can be tricky to maintain temps in. Just monitor temps, and keep everything were it should be. ;)


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I would just play around with lower wattages and a digital thermometer to see which bulb will get you the correct basking spot, given your room temperature. If I were you, I'd also monitor your room temperature with a dial on the wall just to ensure your basking spot will remain that specified temperature.

What I do to cool down the rooms (I have yet to replace my basking bulb because it only gets hot/stuffy in this room during the day) is open both windows in the room, the door, and put a window fan in one window to blow the hot air out and suck the cooler air in. Though, this room is well set-up for ventilation and I thank my house layout for that! :p


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I had the same problem in my last apartment, their spare room would just get way too hot. So I did two/three things, I installed curtains that would cut out the hear coming in through the window during the hottest part of the day and then just switch off the basking spots completely for a couple hours between 12-2. At the same time, I had a long misting session that went off at that time too, for 10 minutes or so. That helped significantly, because with the heat from the window and the basking spots on, their basking areas would easily read over 115F (WITH the AC on!).

So by doing these things it helped quite a bit. The room wouldn't get warm and I wasn't worried about them baking in their cages. And besides the peak hours of the day I didn't have to change the wattage of their cage lights, because they did fine, but on those blistering Florida summer days I definitely had to tweak things a little to keep it livable.
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