Where to put humidity gauge?


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I have my enclosure setup, but don't know where to put the humidity gauge. Should I put it on the outside of the side wall? How can I make it more humid? I have a dropper, a live pothos plant, and mist it three times daily and it is still only 35%. My panther is coming in the mail in the morning so I need it perfect really soon!
I always suggest two gauges just in case one goes bad. As for placement, I'd put it near the top of the enclosure but not near the basking source. (With two I put another about half way down from the top.) You can try additional mistings, or one or two longer sessions, but you only need to get the level up for a while right after misting. Letting the level drop gradually from there is O.K.

If you are still having problems getting the levels higher you can always put some plastic over two sides (assuming you have screen enclosure) and see how that works. Many use shower curtain liners for this.
I use a repti-fogger to keep my Jacksons humidity levels up to 60-80% and sometimes it even gets a little higher than that.
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