Where to buy xxlarge cage?

You may try screencages.net . I dont know if he's still in the business or not. I do know he used to make custom sizes and had options for screen hole size. Which interested me. His prices ARE NOT cheap. He wanted almost double the price of a normal 48 x 24 LLL cage for one of his with larger screen in the same size. But he's the only custom screen cage builder Ive found. It would def be cheaper to do it yourself...
Building cages is fun, there are several different materials you could use, and you can make them to your liking.
I was thinking of getting 2 24x48 cages and somehow attaching them if I couldn't find one that size.

I have no idea how to build a cage.
I just made a 24x24x48 for right at 80 bucks and got everything from lowes and made it to my likings. Easy to do just make sure to try and keep it as square as u can when installing the screen. Many youtub vids on how to do it and you will get more enjoyment knowin....I built that cage.:D
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