Where can I get umbrella plants?

Discussion in 'Enclosures And Supplies' started by Buicalvin22, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Buicalvin22

    Buicalvin22 New Member

    I really need to know where i can get a small/medium umbrella plant in the LA area
  2. RJChamers

    RJChamers Member

    Try Homedepot or Lowes. They have different sizes.
  3. Buicalvin22

    Buicalvin22 New Member

  4. HannahGrace

    HannahGrace Member

    I got mine from regular ol Wal-Mart. Had to completely change the soil and wipe it down though. ^^
  5. Boston Pitty

    Boston Pitty Established Member

    I got my med. Size one at walmart and my little one at homedepot
  6. NickTide

    NickTide Avid Member

    Around here we have them at the Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes and even the grocery store, plus the nurseries of course. Make sure you look up how to clean them since they may have fertilizer or pesticides on the leafs.
  7. Harry The Cham

    Harry The Cham Established Member

    I got mine at Lowe’s

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