where can i buy aluminum screen/mesh

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where are the places to buy aluminum screen for a chameleon cage ?
can you use a larger mesh on a aluminum frame?
You might look at some alternative hardware meshes at Home Depot.
The aluminum may be why your cham has lost claws.

vinyl mesh? i need a different gauge screen mesh.its the tiny square holes i think their claws get stuck and then there gone.one of these days one of em is gonna be bleeding and could die.im going out tomorrow to see what i can find.
the mesh gotta be aluminum , i didnt get to lowes today but i been doing some online searching.i need aluminum mesh with 1/8" openings 36"x50'.

it has to be flexable so i can put it into the aluminum frames.

i was doing some brainstorming last night and thought of even biulding 4 new cages 2x2x4 ft. it would cost me about 200 so i think i just want to re-mesh the cages they have now. splinters cage gotta be re-screened immediatly ,i got her cage first so its in the worst shape.
what happens is if she hits a cricket that is at a spot wheres theres rust her tongue hits the rust and gets traces of rust on her tongue . now i know that's not good.

i am considering contacting esu about these cages maybe they can send me some new ones.
Home depot sell a black screen...its soft and feels similar to the reptarium screen. Much kinder to their nails...but its some type of plastic or vinyl and will melt if you put it on top where the heatbulb goes
cages.net has the kind of screen i need, if you buy a cage from them they have 2 choices of mesh,one is regular insect screen the other is a more open mesh .
if anyone knows where to buy this mesh please put the website here so i can check it out,i can buy it online if i must.

there also is a polyester coated mesh but its a fine mesh i dont know if it would be better on their nails, i need something that would minimize damage to their claws because without claws they will probably start dying.
Check out Pet Screen. It has somewhat larger holes than regular aluminum screen, and the stuff is a vinyl coated string I think. You would have to keep your light up off of it. Or, there is shade cloth.. same thing with it, though. Otherwise, you will have to order something. I have a cage made out of fish pond mesh that is 1/8"... it is black plastic, and it works really well. I did have to change out the top because the plastic warped quite a bit over several months. I don't believe you could get it to work in an aluminum frame, though.

And, if you find that screen that cages.net uses, you win! Lots of us have looked for it over the past year or two. Cages.net has it specially made for them.

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cages.net has the screen i need.maybe they would sell me 36"x50' worth.

i just emailed esu about these cages and i asked them if they could replace mine so i have more time but i will have already fixed these before i ever hear from them.
now my plan is to be feeding splinter from a 2 gallon bucket that way shes not ingesting anymore rust.i have to look for a couple more containers to use on the others.im going to lowes/home depot on tuesday and im gonna be looking on the internet for screen mesh.
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